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The Search Engine Optimisation industry is growing day by day all over the world. Different companies use different SEO techniques from spam to ethical Search Engine Optimisation. Here we are discussing the general ethical SEO life cycle, and SEO Bank are strictly using these standards and improving all the standards according to the changes of search engines.

As SEO has become an industry itself there has also bee an increase of processes involved in whole SEO from domain name to link building strategies. Here we are discussing the general SEO life cycle and working methodology of SEO Bank.

If you already have a website, you must know about the current visibility of your website in different search engines. Look at the search terms which are good in search engines for your website. Also keep an eye on your previous stats. If you are going to completely redesign your website, all of this information will be very useful for future work.

Industry Analysis
No SEO campaign could be successful without proper analysis of industry. For a SEO life cycle it is very important to analysis the industry and your competitors. By industry analysis a SEO will be able to define the link strategy and time frame for SEO life cycle. At SEO Bank all this is done by the professional marketing consultants and SEO experts.

Keyword Analysis
One of the most important things in a SEO life cycle is Keyword Analysis. You need to establish a set of key words which will drive traffic through your website and also increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

The best way of optimisation is the on page optimisation. Before starting optimisation it is necessary to check the keyword density and frequency. We will be going through all the pages and optimising each page for specified keywords. With this, also rectifying the title, Meta and navigation of page, which will be more visible for search engine. If necessary also integrate new pages with the website to increase the visibility for search engines for more traffic generation.

Once the website has been optimised, you now need to submit your optimised website in different directories and place your link in different websites. This will give great exposure to your website and increase visibility of your website. This entire submission process is done by human hand, instead of automated process. Therefore it is better to submit your website in the directories like Yahoo, DMOZ, MSN etc.

Link Building Strategies
All SEO agree that link strategy is the most critical part of a SEO life cycle. First we analysis your website and remove the broken links within the website and improve internal linking of website. Internal linking spreads the PageRank across the website. You also need to concentrate on the external linking. At SEO Bank we are providing the external link strategies for our clients. We submit websites in different websites with PR 4+. More about link building strategies.

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