Search Engine Optimisation SEO Glossary

This is Google's pay per click (PPC) program.

Affiliate Program or Link
Placing adverts on affiliate websites, you can track traffic driven from affiliate sites. Normally this is based on some incentives.

When you are making a link in a webpage using Hyer Text Markup Language (HTML) that is called anchor.

Backward Link / Back Link
A link from other website coming to your website.

Providing optimised pages to search engines in order to achieve high rankings.

Broken Link(s)
It is link within the website which could not be followed. It is also calle dead link.

It is a tempraroy memory in your computer. When you visit a web page that stored in your cache. When you go BACK, browser look at the cache first and retieves the cache page first.

In simple words hiding page contents is cloaking. Creating pages in such a way that search engine and human will see different pages.

Conversion Cost
In search engine marketing (SEM), when a visitor becomes a buyer, by this you can calculate your number of visitors and buyers among those visitors.

Conversion Rate (CR)
If a advert is display 10,000 times and generates the 100 clicks then CTR is (100 / 10000 x 100%).

A file that contains some data and web server set it on the client machine.

Counter / Page Counter
Normally counters counts the page views not visitors.

Cost per action.

Cost per click.

Cost per lead.

Cost per thousand impressions (M= Roman numeral for 1000).

Cost per sale.

It is a software that follows link in your website.

Cross Linking
Linking domains with each other, belongs to one family.

Deep Linking
It is link from other website for the inner pages of your website, not for home page.

Doorway Domain
Domain which have been designed to generate traffic for some other website.

Doorway Page
According to the topical relevance, if a page is not providing relevance data for the domain topic is called doorway page. These are also called bridge pages, entry pages etc.

Dynamic Content
Web pages recieving data from database or through parameters.

Earnings Per Click.

Earnings Per Visitor.

Free For All.

It is a HTML technique, you can display two or more web pages in same browser screen.

File Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol for transfering files from your local computer to the remote server or vise versa.

Ghost Site
Site remains online but having statements that explains it is no longer being updated.

Google Dance
Every month Google updates its search index, this is called Google Dance. It remains for couple of days.

Googlebot / Google Bot
Google's spider.

Hidden Text
Text which is visible to search engines but not to human visitors.

Hyper Text Markup Language, a standard language used to create webpages.

Hyperlink / Link
It is clickable content, which can lead user to another web site, other web page or with in the same page. Search engine crawler uses links from moving one page to another page.

One display of an image or advert.

Inbound Link
A link coming to your website from some other website.

It is search able database of search engine, where information of web pages stored.

Index File
Search engines creates this file, they collects data from your web page and store in their database for quick reference.

It is a scripting language developed by Netscape. It is a good language for browser handling but search engines can't read Javascript.

Keyword Density
How close keywords appear in content of the page is called keyword density.

Keyword Domain Name
Domain name having your main keyword.

Keyword Phrase
Normally, search engine query also called the phrase.

Keyword Stuffing
Repetaion of keyword or phrase in META tags or some where else.

Keyword Targeting
Creating pages trageting keywords or phrase is on of the most important part of any SEO campaign.

Keyword Focused Content Page.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Link Checker / Link Validator
It is a program that checks the broken links or dead links.

Link Farm
It is same like FFA, where any one on list website. It is an artificial way of increasing the link popularity.

Link Popularity
It is based on the total quality inbound link to a specific page. The quality of backward or inbound link has become one of the most important point of the search engine optimisation.

Manual Submission
Submitting a web site to a search engine or directory with human hand rather than using a automated software.

META tags are placed in HEAD tag. META tags contains information about the page. These are not visible to the user but very important for search engines. KEYWORDS and DESCRIPTION tags are most commonly used in META tags.

Making the changes in a web site coding, layout and programming for making it more search engine friendly. Whole process is called optimisation.

Outbound Link
A link is going from your website to another website is called the outbound link.

PageRank (PR)
Google trade mark. It measures the importance of a web page.

Paid Listing
Paying a fix amount to a search engine, directory or a web site for placing your link for a time period.


Pay Per Load.

Qualified Traffic
Generating specified traffic for your website is called qualified traffic.

Reciprocal Link
Exchanging link between two websites is called reciprocal link, It is also called link swap.

See crawler.

This is a text file located at the root level. It defines the permission for file and folders to robots / crawlers.

Return On Investment.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation. For more details please see optimisation.

Search Engine Results Pages(s).

Using such techniques in your pages which are against the search engines guide lines.

See Crawler

It is very important, search engines pay special attention to TITLE tag when indexing. Also this become links in search engine results.

Top Level Domain.

Uniform Resource Identifier. It is address of resources available on internet.

Uniform Resource Locator. It is unique address of resources available on internet.

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