Link Building Strategies

The most important thing in the whole SEO life cycle and getting good rankings in search engines is the link popularity. In other words we can say a website has how many quality inbound links. Before taking a step ahead for link building one must knows about the dynamics of link popularity building and link buildings strategies.

A good link building strategy can increase the traffic for a website and gives qualified traffic. SEO experts and SEO Banks consultants are in agreement that placing links on a relevant and a good quality website make the difference in website traffic. According to most of the search engines algorithm, relevant inbound links to a website can increase the search engines ranking and also help to increase the PageRank.

However, this whole process also needs some other considerations and factors. Here we are the explanations for most common link building strategies.

Reciprocal Links
Simply, it a link exchange program between two websites or companies. Both parties are committed and place each others link in the form of text or banners for a specified time period. In link building strategies, this is the most common technique. It is matter of trust and commitment, but exchanging too many links with other websites is not a guarantee that you will get more traffic. You also need to be careful when you are exchanging a link because you are casting your vote in the favour of other.

On Way Link
This is the best link building strategy for any website. But on the other hand it is also difficult to implement because you need quality and relevant websites which will put your website link on their website. With One Way Linking the other website is casting a vote in your favour but in reciprocal linking both parties are casting votes for each other. In search engines algorithm, One Way Linking has more recognition.

Google and Yahoo are one of the biggest search engines on the planet. Both have implemented the link popularity as PageRank and WebRank. However placing your link or exchanging link needs a lot of consideration. Here at SEO Bank our Search Engine Optimisation experts are implementing the whole link building process very professionally and it looks very natural to search engines.

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