Anchor Text and Links

Anchor text and links are the observable text or words on a web page. The text or words that are an anchor text or links is normally underlined or highlighted in clickable text or words. If we use the words in the HTML page when rendered in a web browser for instance, for a tag of the form:

<a href="index.html">Optimisation</a>

It means that the anchor text is word "Optimisation", which is associated with the document "index.html". All of the anchor text in a document body points to a target document that is known as the anchor text document for that document. This best defines and explains the anchor text and links.

Anchor text and links are used in the web pages to give the visitors useful information about the content of the page linking. Basically it tells search engines about the page. The rational use of the anchor text boosts the rankings of the web pages in search engines.

For the sake of rational usage we can say that if you use the words "click here" as anchor text for the clicking of the visitors. It means visitors and also the search engines should consider the "click here" as subject of the page and if you use "Search Engine Optimisation" as the anchor text, you are telling the search engines that the page is discussing Search Engine Optimisation. Anchor text is so important that it's possible for a page to appear in the top 10 in search engine results for a phrase which is not mentioned anywhere on the page. This usage of the anchor text has been applied in search engine algorithms to enhance the relevance of the searching URL for the keywords appearing within the anchor text.

Anchor text and links are used in the following manners:

  • External Links
  • Internal Links
  • Navigation Maps

Anchor Text Increases the Accuracy of the Required Results
Anchor text containing the keywords enables the search engine to get the target pages that contain the relevant keywords as used in the anchor text. By using this technique we can build the websites' page, through optimised anchor text containing important keywords, relevant to the theme of such pages, from other pages of your site.

Anchor Text in Search Engine Algorithms
The anchor text can make a huge difference in the final ranking of any website pages. All search engines that are successful, give considerable weight to the anchor text on the website pages. In fact successful search engines have a special operator which picks up text only from within the anchor text of indexed pages. This further implies that algorithms are configured to index anchor text as separate query compatible data and considers it an important pointer to page relevance. With these changes, it is possible to enhance website's ranking by using the right keywords in anchor text. It should therefore be ensured that significant attention is given to the inclusion of important keywords from keyword analysis in your anchor text.

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