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Search engine marketing is the art of getting web sites listed on search engines for specific keyword or phrases. When done right, it can drive a large amount of targeted visitors to your site. Search engine marketing includes organic Search Engine Optimisation or paid for optimisation options. Each search engine marketing solution will address your specific needs, budget and resources. Search engine marketing is comprised of Paid Placement, Paid Inclusion, natural Search Engine Optimisation, paid search advertising and web site enhancement. You must determine which combination of those elements you need and then select a firm that addresses your needs best.

Search engine marketing provides the best return on investment for any marketing dollar. Search engines and directories average more than three hundred million searches a day. More than 75% of web surfers head straight for search engines to find what they are looking for.

Types of Search Engine Marketing
There are two main categories or types of the search engine marketing:

  • Organic Search Engine Optimisation Marketing
  • Pay for Search Engine Marketing Optimisation

There are some more ways in the second type of the Pay For Search Engine Optimisation marketing:

Organic Search Engine Optimisation Marketing
Almost every search engine breaks up their result pages into two different areas one is organic listings and second is paid for listings. Organic listings are sites that have been indexed by search engines. The relative information that is collected by the spiders is saved in the search engine's gigantic database of web pages. Search engines use this information to help determine the positioning of organic listings. On a regular basis engines process the information collected through their algorithm. Once the algorithm determines the rankings, the engines post these results on the search page.

Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click process is basically bidding for rankings on a search engine that is based on specific key word phrases. The highest bid is guaranteed the top rankings and lower bids fall in sequential order - highest to lowest. It is very simple and successful campaign that can be quite complex are based on many different factors such as choice of key words, the copy of your advertisement, bid price, and even the time of day you choose to run your Pay Per Click campaign. By using the entire process and optimise your Pay Per Click campaign for the best return on investment.

Pay for Inclusion Services
Pay for inclusion means that the process in which you are paying for your web site to be crawled by specific search engine spiders and included in their index. This is different from the normal process involved in organic listing such that you are paying for immediate, guaranteed inclusion, as well as visits from the spiders on a regular basis. Once you submit and pay for a Paid Inclusion Service your site will be in the search within some days and ranked in the engine.

Trusted Feed
Trusted Feed is the process which is very similar to Pay For Inclusion but includes a large number of pages. Here, the engines will spider the information you submit for each page, the page itself rank you in the engine. Typically you will pay every time a visitor clicks on link to your page.

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