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Pay Per Click is a marketing method availed on World Wide Web, particularly used and offered by search engines. Pay Per Click publicity normally consists of ads placed on the search results page; when a visitor clicks on the website advertisement, the promoter is charged an amount. Variants include Pay For Placement and Pay For Ranking. Pay Per Click is often known as PPC and also known as Cost Per Click or CPC. Pay Per Click is a marketing system on the web in which the advertiser pays when the user clicks on its advertisement and goes to its site. This is a more interactive, results-oriented method compared to paying for just the placement of a banner ad on a Web page regardless if anyone clicks on it. Midas Media Associates are experts in PPC.

By the mean of Pay Per Click the ranking of the website is determined while using a search engine against some keywords or phrases in the website design of the page. The uppermost ranking goes to the maximum bidder. Pay Per Click advertising gives advertisers the possibility of having their adverts appear on the search engine results pages of certain search engines. The position of the adverts is decided on a bidding system with adverts paying being positioned at the top of the page. Payment is then made at this rate every time someone clicks on the link in the advert which takes them through to the advertiser's website. Pay Per Click comes under the Search Engine Marketing.

Pay Per Click - an Effective Search Engine Marketing means of transportation

PPC is an online search-marketing means of transportation, on which a promoter pays to a search engine each time a user clicks on displayed advertisement. These advertisements normally come on the search engine results pages written as SERPs. Since the advertiser pays the search engine for each click that takes the visitor to his site, the eventual position and display of an ad, whether first in Paid Listing or third or last, depends upon how much you are ready to bid for a particular position for that keyword.

Using a system of bidding provided by each search engine, the advertiser can choose to have his ad listed higher or lower for a keyword, depending upon how much he is willing to pay per click and the amount of traffic it will generate. There are many search engine marketing means of transportation like search engine optimisation; link popularity building, Pay Per Click etc which have unique strengths, advantages and utilisation. Advertisers who take a holistic view and utilise a combination of SEO, VCE and PPC get more positive responses and have higher return on investment. While SEO and link building allows you to make your websites search engine friendly, increase relevance for keywords and helps you gain organic rankings. Pay Per Click PPC helps you target the traffic directly and gives immediate gains. PPC as a marketing means of transportation has certain features, which are unique to it, namely: Definite and Flexible.

In short, PPC plan allow choosing the keywords you want to advertise on, the amount you want to spend per click, the message you want to send out, the cities / countries / languages you want to target and you only pay if you get visitors. Effective management of a PPC drive engages a determined endeavour, into each of the steps, which eventuates into a live and successful movement. The success of a movement is governed by how well these different steps are addressed and optimised for best performance. The design, development and management of the campaign hold the key to its success. Midas Media Associates are experts in PPC.

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